Board of Directors

In 2019, LANS members voted to amend the bylaws to establish a Board of Directors. Each member will serve a two-year term. Advantages of having a LANS BOD include:

1: Quick decision making capabilities regarding socioeconomic and other issues that would affect neurosurgeons in Louisiana
2: Institutional memory that would allow some continuity as the officers rotate
3: Representation from throughout the state
4: Administrative continuity, including the development of a headquarters (actual or electronic) that would allow all important documents, budget, and other pertinent information to be stored in a particular consistent location

The BOD consists of the following members:

Chair – LANS President

Aaron Dumont, MD


Anthony Sin, MD

LANS Past President

CJ Bui, MD

Practicing Neurosurgeon, Appointed by Chair

Lora Kahn, MD